Turkeys Like To Laugh, Too

I’m all out of wisdom today, folks. It’s Thanksgiving, which means the only thing on my mind is eating. I’m going to eat like aliens from the planet Gasdjffnak are beaming down tomorrow to take away all the food on earth. Then I will fall into a tryptophan coma. And it will be wonderful.

But I hate to disappoint, and since I can’t seem to harness my genius today, allow me to recommend a few fantastic and funny bloggers. When you need a break from the turkey (or your family), try one of these folks for a laugh.


Speaker7 questions pop culture icons and suffers through the last hour of The Today Show and Ashton Kutcher’s tweets so we don’t have to. Plus, she has The Sexiest Blog Alive!

There’s always a laugh at The Good Greatsby. From Chinglish interpretations to explanations of the meaning of Thanksgiving for our international friends, no topic is off limits.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to my very dear friend, Michael Rochelle, whose blog frequently has me in stitches. I can attest that the earthquake he refers to did, in fact, occur. As did the hurricane that same week.

Les’s blog, bestbathroombooks, makes me laugh out loud every time. He helps us find the true definition of irony among other diverse subjects.


Enjoy your trip into the Blogosphere and Happy Thanksgiving!





2 thoughts on “Turkeys Like To Laugh, Too

  1. How could I not love this blog?
    Thanks and Happy Eating!

  2. speaker7 says:

    Thanks for recognizing all that I suffer for my blog.


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