Is Anyone Else Tired?

Wow, what a holiday season to close out 2011. I’m freaking exhausted and 2012 has only just begun.

Between Thanksgiving festivities, my birthday, year-end close at the office and a Christmas the likes of which has not been experienced in 20 years, I feel like I should be in training for next year. Or maybe I just enjoy entertaining the idea of eating and drinking like that in July…

But enough digression.

I’m back! And I have not forgotten that today is WIP Wednesday. While the wonderful number one WIP is still being whipped up from the wee-cesses of my mind, I am never short on hobbies. Thus, I share with you the WIP(s) that have kept me busy during December:




I have two paperbacks and two Kindle books I’m currently reading to write reviews for in this blog and a pink and purple scarf I’m attempting to knit even though the edges look like they’re already snagged and weathered because I suck at it.

No, I haven’t touched my manuscript in a month. Yes, I do have (sorta, kinda) good reasons for doing this other crap instead.

All of the books I’m reviewing were written by people I know, or by people someone I know knows. Since my paying job has me gasping for air until early March, writing reviews not only gives me practice for my long-neglected critical analysis skills, but furthers my education is a writer. Reading is the best way to hone your skills when combined with practice. Not to mention, these writers kick ass, so I’m having fun, too.

Knitting is therapeutic. It gives me something to keep my fingers busy while I decompress from the day, or to relax during the breaks over Christmas weekend while I strategized how to dominate my brother in a game of Hearts (which I accomplished, unmercifully).

What hobbies do you have to help you relax or as welcome distractions from your obligations?